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Texas Direct Medical Care

Dr. Cliff Porter



6507 Jester Blvd, Suite 511, Austin, TX 78750


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How it Works:

Direct Primary Care is affordable health care using innovative membership model. You have unlimited access to the clinic, similar to a gym membership with your doctor, available any time.  We bypass high cost insurance and middlemen to bring you real medical care for a fraction of the cost.  Your Urgent Care illnesses and injuries are usually evaluated and treated immediately on the same day.  Between 80-90% of medical needs can be managed in our clinic without visiting an urgent care, emergency room, or hospital. Appointments may be brief or as long as needed. No one’s medical needs are rushed.

Better Healthcare:

We have the time to practice medicine correctly.  You can have a conversation with your physician without the wait or time constraints of traditional clinics. Your physician will spend more time with you than the computer. There are no restrictions for pre-existing medical conditions. And there are no insurance or Medicare administrators between you and the physician.  Bring all of your concerns. There are no limits on what we can address in a visit.

We will help prevent unnecessary Emergency Room visits and expenses.  If unsure if you are having an emergency, call us.  We manage all urgent care cases – flu, strep throat, cuts, sprains and breaks. Most care is included in the subscription, even for urgent issues.

We also provide X-rays and lab tests at or near wholesale cost. For example, A1C $2.25, Cholesterol $2.50, Testosterone $12.

Your health and medical information is truly private and not part of larger insurance, corporate, or government databases.

You also get a complete annual physical without any time constraints.

In addition to our Austin location (below), we’re also serving the Buda area.

Phone: (737) 275-7701